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There Are Different Types Of Breeders...

Responsible Breeders-- Know about their breed. Responsible breeders screen for genetic diseases and maintain good veterinary and breeding records. Responsible breeders offer a written health guarantee with each puppy they sell. Responsible breeders are always available to offer help and advice to their new puppy owners. Responsible breeders always breed their dogs with the thought of improving their line.

Backyard Breeders-- Most of these breeders do not know much about the breed standard, and don't necessarily breed for better dogs. Puppies from this kind of breeder are usually the result of breeding their pet quality dog to the next door neighbor's pet quality dog cause it was the same breed, AKC registered and available. No thought is given to the puppies health, genetic makeup or temperament.

Puppy Mills-- Puppy mill is a term that is used to describe a place where masses of different or sometimes the same breed of dog is being raised. The pens, cages, structures the dogs are kept in are usually substandard and dirty, although this may not always be the case. Puppies born and raised in puppy mills do not usually get the veterinary care and proper feeding they need, which could lead to problems later in life. Puppies raised in puppy mills have not been properly socialized and are usually sold in high volumes to pet shops for a quick cash profits at the age of 4 weeks or sometimes younger. No genetic testing is done, no socialization takes place. Most of these puppies will have multiple health and behavior problems later in life because of the lack of socialization, proper genetic testing and veterinary care.

Pet Shops-- Many people think that a pet shop is a good place to buy a puppy. Pet shops usually offer all kinds of guarantees which sound very good to the buyer, until you realize that they (for the most part) do no good, since most genetic diseases and many health problems do not appear until the dog is over a year of age. Most pet shops buy their puppies from puppy mills at a very young age, before the pups have been properly socialized. This is why many pet store bought puppies have illnesses or behavior problems. Pet shops buy their puppies cheap, and sell them fast at markups of 400 percent and more. They are in it for the sale, not the well being of the puppy.

Some General Guidelines . . .

Most reputable breeders will only sell a dog under contract, which will vary from breeder to breeder, but which will set forth that breeder's policy regarding health guarantee, refund/return policy and other rights/responsibilities between buyer and seller.

A reputable breeder will offer you support with your new puppy, and always help you place the dog (or take it back) if for some reason you cannot keep the dog.

A reputable breeder will be knowledgeable about the breed and the genetic diseases which are common in that breed.

A reputable breeder will carefully screen potential buyers to ensure that the dogs will be placed in an appropriate home.

A reputable breeder is willing to answer your questions about the breed and the appropriate care for your dog.

A reputable breeder will require that your puppy be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.

A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with refrences from previous puppy buyers and their vet. DO NOT rely on internet review sites for choosing your breeder! There are many good, and bad reviews listed on sites, the only way to really know for sure is to actually TALK to the breeder, ask for references and actually take the time to CHECK THEM OUT PERSONALLY!!!

Is the breeder an AKC BREEDER OF MERIT? This designation from the AKC is not given out to just any breeder. Breeders must pass a physical records and health check from an AKC REPRESENTITIVE!!!

Ask about the health of the other dogs in the home.

Ask to see photos of the puppies... Puppies should be nicely rounded in shape, without being over fat or too thin. Most healthy pups will have shiny, alert eyes and healthy looking coats. Ask the breeder if the puppies have been tested for worms, dewormed and vaccinated.

It is common for breeders to use a stud dog that they do not own, but they may have photos of the dog. Quite often, the bitch will not look in very good condition after whelping a litter. The reason for this is that feeding a litter places huge demands on the bitch, so she may be a little thin, but not skinny, and her coat may be shedding due to the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and milk production. She should however, still appear happy, lively, confident, interact well with the breeder and show no signs of illness.

Ask the breeder if the parents of the puppies have had all recommended health clearances. Border Terriers should have an OFA Eye, Cardiac, Patella and Hip Exam (after age 2). You can check for these clearances on the OFA website at Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

REMEMBER: It is ultimately your responsibility to research the individual breeder that you finally purchase from and while it is your right to ask as many questions as possible, it is also the breeders right (and responsibility) to ask you questions as well, so don't be offended if the breeder gives you the third degree!

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